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{ the scent of autumn time }

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In Ireland, we don’t say ‘I love you’, we say ‘an bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithris’ which means ‘you will forever have my heart’. I think that’s beautiful.


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Twin Peaks

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this sign is hanging up in my moms office

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never stop dreaming

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Anonymous asked: You seem to care a lot about money... why? It's not the most important thing in life.

Money is the freedom to make choices. To wear what you want to wear, to eat what you want to eat, when and where you travel, to not be concerned over that utility bill or that month’s rent.

Would the world be better without it? Absolutely. But, for the time being, it’s important just to accept that fact that you can’t get very far with five euros in your pocket.


Define Your Grind

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I’ve forgotten how to write.

(btw, I’m in quite a happy relationship; but sometimes we’re both so busy that we seem to forget about each other, despite living together)

Another piece of background, a shadow on the wall
My mind rests so silently, amongst the things and all.
A fiery visage, a temperamental feeling,
Flickers again and again you see
See you not, the things I FEEL THE THINGS I CANNOT BE.

I miss you so, beside my side,
Yet rest you here tonight.
I feel your warmth upon my brow
But are you here at all?

I call your name, as you sleep, but wake you not tonight
I reach out and grab you hand, to try and make things right.
You feel the touch, somewhat now
Noticed for a second,
Noticed what though, your voice will not beckon.

Can friends do as we
Touch and feel like this
I love you now, I’ll love you till
Why are you so still?